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Morocco, the country where dreams come true. Land of contrasts that will not leave you indifferent.

The kingdom of Morocco, separated from the European continent by only fourteen kilometers and located in North Africa, is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

This privileged situation has led it to become a strategic as well as fascinating place, combining its most ingrained traditions and the modernity of its main cities.

Land of light, of blue color, of flavor to species, of scent to orange blossom, of crystalline waters and sands of the desert.Its towns and cities transport you to a different time in a very short travel time.

Its habitants stands out for its kindness, its traditions and cheerful markets of flavors and smells, the different accommodations for its rooms, decorated with great taste and highlighting its local craftsmanship, the Arab Baths known as Hammam stand out for their spaces of meditation and relaxation and its gastronomy especially distinguished for being very elaborate and tasty.

Enjoy a trip with Karisma Incoming groups & Incentives through Morocco. Get lost in the streets of the Medina, negotiate your purchases in a typical bazaar, listen to the silence of the desert, ride on the back of a dromedary, surprise yourself with a belly dance show or enjoy tasting the best fish just brought from sea.

Morocco is contrast. Let yourself be carried away with Karisma Incoming.


The meeting of the Best’s

Karisma Incoming groups & Incentives gives you the peace of mind of having an expert and trustworthy team with whom designing your customized event will be easy and professional. Together with our Moroccan partner, we design your event or incentive anywhere in North Africa.

We provide everything you need to your meeting, incentive trip or convention is organized in detail and with the best logistical support.

You will be guided during the development of your event and together we will make this an unforgettable encounter. We offer the possibility of combining it with cultural, sports or adventure activities. With a 24-hour assistance service, and a specialized and multilingual staff that will attend you at any time.

Some services:

Best hotels | best restaurants | ransport services | meeting facilities | team buildings | tailor made programs | multilanguage guides |  multilanguage drivers | monuments | 24 hours telephone service | 24 hours assistance on spot | conference hostess.



Main cities:
Rabat, Casablanca, Fez, Tangier and Marrakech.
is the westernmost territory of the Arab world. It has an area of ​​446,550 km². With a border on the north with Spain, on the east with Algeria, on the southwest with Western Sahara, and on the south with Mauritania.
depending on the area, the climate is mild, on the north coast (Mediterranean climate) and in the west (oceanic climate), or more extreme as in the interior with a continental climate.


  • For all citizens, a valid passport is required.
  • Citizens of up to 70 countries do not need a visa for a stay that does not exceed 90 days. You can check the countries in this link.


Minimum recommended stay:
10 nights
Arabic and Berber languages. In addition to other minority languages ​​such as Moroccan Arabic, French or Spanish in some region.
Moroccan dirham.
More information: