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When travelling southern Spain there is one place you definitely should not miss out – the CAMINITO DEL REY. It is located near El Chorro and got its name from a visit of King Alfonso XIII in 1921 while inaugurating a dam in this area.

El Caminito del Rey in Andalusia high above the torquiese river
El Caminito del Rey leads you high above the river


El Caminito del Rey was constructed between 1901 and 1905. It used to be a walkway for workers, for the transport of material and to facilitate further inspections of two hydroelectric power plants located in these mountains. The original way was constructed of concrete slabs, resting on iron rails, grounded into the rocks. It is 1 meter wide and rises more than 100 meters over the river below. It was also used by the local people, even children climbed along the path on their way to school.

Over the years, the construction got into a very bad condition. Finally, this hiking path got referred to as the most dangerous path worldwide. After some deadly accidents it got closed for the public but did not lose its attraction. Rock climbers and other adventure seekers regularly came to El Caminito and romanced over this special place. 

In order to avoid further accidents and to make this beautiful spot open for everybody, refurbishment took place. In 2015 El Caminito del Rey re-opened for the public and is now one of the main attractions of Andalusia. 

Your visit

You see: when staying in Andalusia, you should not miss this memorable place. 

wooden planks and a secure construction - today el Caminito is a safe walking path in stunning nature
Today El Caminito del Rey is a secure walking path

The newly opened path is absolutely secure now. Strong wooden planks on a steel construction, secured with a steel banister have been placed above the old construction. At some spots you still can see the old concrete with the big holes and broken steps. 

The path leads you from the northern entrance along the gorges and gives you fantastic lookouts and stunning perspectives every few meters. The combination of steep faces, turquoise water in the river and an overwhelming green nature will deeply impress you. Even if the way is very secure now, the height at some points might be thrilling you. But this is part of the adventure. Never mind – at different spots you will find staff waiting to support you in need. 

The hanging bridge at the end of El Caminito del Rey
the last obstacle – the hanging bridge at the end of El Caminito del Rey

You don’t need a sporty condition as the path is quiet even. El Caminito del Rey itself is about 3,5 kilometers in length. The way from and to the parking spaces takes another three kilometers.  If you are able to hike about 4 hours, the path should be perfectly feasible for you. Still there are some ups and downs. So we would not recommend it if you are having problems with your knees or in walking longer distances. 

a group of tourists in Andalusia
Your guide will show you the beauty of this place

Some more advices: when entering the main path you will be given a helmet for your security. The staff on the path will remember you to keep it on your head, so don’t take it off. Make sure to were sunscreen and to carry enough water with you. You don’t need special equipment but we would suggest sturdy shoes. 

As the access to the Caminito del Rey is limited, you should book your visit in advance. 

Just ask us for further details, we would be pleased to help you!