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Nothing beats the winter blues like coming to Andalucía in the winter time: blue skies, lots of sun that warms your skin and a botanical phenomen called „almond blossom“. Did you know that Spain is on the second place worldwide in regards of almond production? The majority of the almonds are grown in Valencia and Andalucá. Therefore it is not surprising, that during the first months of the year, the numerous almond trees in Andalucía are starting to bloom and are painting whole landscapes with their flourishing beauty.

almond trees andalucia

When is almond blossom season?

Not all almond trees are in bloom at the same time. The flowering season starts as early as January and goes on until March, and even Easter all depending on the weather situation and the temperatures as well as the region. The best chances to see as many open almond blossoms thourgh are in February, which is also called „the month of the almond blossom.“ If you missed out on the almond flour this year, don’t be too sad – after the almond blossom comes the orange and lemon season and also the lavendar and poppy fields are a stunning sight in the Andalusian landscape.

almond bloom spain

Where to see the almond blossom in Andalucía

February is a good time to enjoy the almond flower in the province of Málaga, because this is normally the time when the flower buds are in full bloom. The Mediterranian to subtropical climate ensure ideal conditions for the almond trees – almond trees are not very demanding and are totally happy with the dry soil of the region. There are almond trees that are growing since many centuries as well as trees that were planted only recently. However, the colour of the almond flower varies depending on the age of the tree – from white to pink up to a deep purple. Andalucía is lucky to have a surface of over 150.000 hectares on which almond trees are growing, most of them can be found in the region of Axarquia in the Málaga province and the Sierras Subbéticas near Córdoba. 

almond trees andalucia

„La Ruta de Almendra“–  The route of the almond blossom

To get the most out of the almond flower season, the best idea is to rent a car and enjoy long drives through the stunning landscapes, filled with the pink and white almond flours. There are a few different almond flower routes, on all of them you will see a lot of almond trees – and we really mean a lot!  

Depending on your preferences and the time of your stay in Andalucía, we recommend two different route options. On the first tour,we suggest you start in Colmenar near the natural park Montes de Málaga. Then proceed via Casabermeja to the white village of Villanueva de la Concepción. Driving through the little towns and villages, you will see a nice variety of almond trees, but also orange- and olive-trees on the hills. After this, you will reach the area of El Torcal, where a certain smell will suddenly freshen the air: the perfume of lavender and  thyme is very distinct for this area. An insider tipp from the Karisma travel experts: don’t miss to visit the „Almendrera del Sur“ cooperative in Cártema, where you can learn all about almond trees.

If you are a bit later in the year in Andalucía, we suggest you take the other route, which leads  through the region of Axarqía and goes through villages like Almáchar, El Borge and Camares. The flowering season for the almond trees is here a bit later and can go on until Easter. You will notice a difference to the more sturdy trees of the North, the ones here are more delicate but just as beautiful.

Other good places to enjoy the almond trees in full bloom are the region of Las Alpujarras in the Granada province and the Sierra de la Grazalema near Cádiz.

white almond blossom spain

„Día del Almendro“ – almond blossom festival in Guaro

The little village of Guaro in the Comarca Valle de Guadalhorce, around 44 kilometers away from Málaga turns for one day to the capital of the almond blossom. The „Día del Almendro“ festival attracts end of January many enthusiasts who are coming to celebrate the almond blossom with special hiking tours, stalls with typical almonds products and local gastronomy. We are looking forward to welcoming you to enjoy the almond flower season in Andalucía and are happy to assist you with any questions and wishes.

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