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Dear customers, business partners, friends,

for over 25 years, we from KARISMA INCOMING are using our knowledge, experience, passion and imagination to provide you with the best services in incentive and group travel. We are proud to have developed a business that is more than just that – a real family with values and a common mission.

COVID-19 and the travel industry

The tourism industry had its ups and downs over the past years, but what we are experiencing now, on a global level, is unprecedented. While the so called “Coronavirus-crisis” brings challenges and difficulties in our corporate as well in our privates lives, it also shows us that there is a lot to be thankful about. We are extremely grateful for our relationships with clients and partners and the ongoing support from all different corners.

In the current difficult situation many planned holidays and trips have to be cancelled, that is absolutely and undoubtedly clear. We are also aware of the uncertainties and financial difficulties that many people experience right now, so we fully understand if you have to refrain from planning your next trip for a certain amount of time.

Canceling you trip is not the only option

However, if you already booked a trip which is, due to COVID-19, not taking place right now or in the next weeks or months, canceling the trip is not your only option. Especially small and middle-sized tourism companies suffer a lot from the cancellations and might not be able to recover. Many incoming agencies are small companies who run their business with a lot of commitment and idealism. For many, the current large number of cancellations is a huge financial problem that could threaten their existence.

Rebook instead of cancel

But with your help, we, as well as other companies in the tourism industry can survive. How can you do that? It is quite simple: Before you cancel a booking, please consider if you can simply rebook, for example for the next year!

Of course, we all do not know exactly how long the current situation and the travel stops will last, but we hope that we will be able to continue travelling with you soon.

Please be in solidarity with the small and middle-sized companies –
if it is somehow possible for you, please rebook your stay and do not cancel immediately!

Thank you with all our hearts, stay healthy,

Karina and the team of KARISMA INCOMING

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