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Christmas time in Andalusia is full of old traditions, events, food and drink. December is an ideal time to travel to Southern Spain, because you have the best of both worlds: you have the same festive spirit like in the rest of Europe, but you can still enjoy some sun and warmth during the day.

navidad malaga andalusia
Málaga Christmas lights. Photo credit: Juan Raina

Beautiful Christmas markets throughout Málaga are selling gifts and toys and the traditional Christmas sweets, choirs are singing Christmas songs and the air is full of joy and love. We feel very lucky to live in a place with so many Christmas traditions and would love to invite you to come, see and feel the Andalusian Christmas spirit in Málaga!

Málaga Christmas lights

Málaga is the most famous town in Andalusia when it comes to Christmas lights. From November 24 to January 7, the center of Málaga is illuminated with thousands of lights. Each year, the lights and motives are different from the year before – only one of the reasons why visitors come again and again to the Andalusian harbor town in December! It all starts in Larios street: the moment, when hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights are switched on marks the official beginning of the Christmas season.

Málaga Christmas lights. Photo credit: Juan Raina

Málaga Christmas markets

In Málaga, there is a Christmas market for every taste. Locals love the Market at Paseo del Parque or the Christmas market in Muelle 1 near the sea, but everywhere in the city center you can find little stalls with food, gifts and funny toys.

Christmas sweets and pastries you must try

Christmas in Spain is incomplete without „Roscón de Reyes“ („ring of kings“ – everybody loves and eats this special pastry which is served during Epiphany, but the markets already have it on display from December. Other popular Christmas sweets are candied pine nuts, caramelized almonds, Turrón and almond muffins, that go very well together with an anise liquor, wine and cinnamon. You can buy the Christmas sweets at the markets and in bakeries. Most famous for Turrón in Málaga is “Casa Mira” in Calle Larios 5.

malaga navidad
Málaga Christmas lights. Photo credit: Juan Raina

Belenes in Málaga

Undoubtedly one of the most important elements of Andalusian Christmas are the nativity scenes, the „belenes“. In Málaga, there are nativity scenes distributed all over the city. If you want to see all of them, you need to bring a good amount of time and some comfy shoes, but it will be worth the effort!

Christmas singing

Singing is also very popular in Málaga during Christmas time. Maybe you ave the chance to hear the evangelical voices of the „Villancicos“, choirs of children and adults who are singing Christmas songs in the streets.

Corralones de Málaga

Christmas time in Málaga is a unique opportunity to see different patios, which are normally not open. The residents of the so-called „corralones“ open their doors to the public and proudly explain the traditional elements of decoration of their patios. The corralones in the areas of „Perchel Norte“ and „Trinidad sur“ have a special program with Flamenco, theatre, singing and workshops during these days. for more information visit the full program on Diario del Sur.

Málaga Christmas lights. Photo credit: Juan Raina

We hope you are inspired to visit magical Málaga during Christmas time and can’t wait to show you the special Christmas spirit of the wonderful city we call home. We wish you a very merry Christmas, full of love and laughter.


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