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The south of Spain always attracted people. Maybe it is this special light and the warm breeze from the sea which brings artists to their peak of creativity and lets travelers from all over the world calm down and relax. They soak in the sun and dive deep into our unique history and culture.

The heart of this region is the province of Málaga. It’s the place where we come from and therefore the first station of our blog journey through our destinations.

We would like to show you, why it is a perfect idea to come with your group and stay for a while.

Málaga city

Málagas colonization started ages ago. Iberian, Romans, Byzantines, and Moors left their footsteps as well as the catholic kings. The city of Málaga, situated right on the coastline of Costa del Sol, presents many traces of this history. Visit the Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba – the former residence of the moorish rulers. 

In our museums you can learn more about our traditions. The most famous is “la semana santa” – the holy week before Easter Sunday. More thant 20 thrones are carried through the streets of the city by hundreds of strong men.

Interested in arts? Pablo Picasso is probably the most famous son of Málaga. The place of his birth holds some of his works and a museum with more than 200 exhibits is just in footwalking distance. 

You love the nice sites of life? Stroll through the main streets of the city, full of life. Take a break at La Guardia – the oldest winery in Málaga – and try one of their famous Moscatels or Sherries. One thing not to miss are “Churros”. This deeply fried pastry is typical for Andalusia and goes perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate.

Visit the harbor – it always was the place of trade and travel. After years of rebuilding it is now a pulsing centre for leisure and strolling. Watch the big cruisers and tiny boats, enjoy a coffee or an icecream while watching one of the presentations at the open art bar “El Artesanal”.

Gibralfaro offers you a perfekt view over the whole city, the bull fighting arena, the giant wheel and the streets full of life. 

Trips to the province of Málaga

The southern climate favored the cultivation of olives and grapes. Visit olive plantations with trees aged more than 1000 years and learn how the liquid gold of the south is produced. From there it is only a short trip to Alfarnate – a characteristic village of the hinterlands. Enjoy a typical lunch with your Andalusian hosts in their homes. It’s an experience which brings you close to daily life and gives you a close up look into our culture. 

Ronda is one of the favorite destination for daytrips from Málaga. The town is situated on top of a mountain, close to a deep canyon, El Tajo. The New Bridge connects the old town and new town of Ronda and is a beloved motive for pictures.

In Ronda you can learn more about the tradition of bull fighting in Spain. The Plaza del Toros is one of the most popular Arenas in Spain and shows, why this tradition is so important to many Spanish. 

Far back into history you go while walking into the Dolmen of Menga. These ancient buidings date more than 5.000 years b. c. They are situated close to Antequerra, a picturesque town with many churches and the typical architecture of Andalusia. From there it is not far to El Torcal. These special rock formations are a great place for hiking and taking a break surrounded by a stunning nature.

Close as well is another highlight of Andalusia – El Caminito del Rey. Thousands of tourists come here every year. 

But this is another story, we will tell you next time …

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